About Her.

NETBALLHer is here to raise the bar for women and girls through the creation of expert resources, game changing learning offers and by being a strong and responsible voice for “her”.

Her game. For life.

Netball has been unapologetically “hers” since its inception more than a hundred years ago; a mark of distinction unparalleled in any other sport. For the best part of a century, the netball family has worked alongside England Netball to create opportunities for women and girls to get on court and experience the thrill of the game for themselves. This has resulted in over 2.5 million women and girls flourishing in the game each year, and countless stories that collectively point to one thing: netball changes lives.

What holds Her back?

We know netball enriches the lives of players aged 5 to 95. However, we cannot ignore that a number of life stages impact female lives both on and beyond the court. During these vulnerable times, women and girls are more likely to worry about showing up authentically, and stop playing, just when they need support the most.

Teenage years

41% of teenage girls take a break or drop out of playing netball completely.
48% of teenage girls lack self-belief and don’t feel good enough to continue playing netball.

All life stages

69% of women take a break from playing netball at some point in their life.
Clear and stark health inequalities exist between females related to socio-economic status, ethnicity, and geographic region.

Pre & post natal

20% of women who take a break from playing netball due to pregnancy, never return to court.

Collectively, we have the power to change all of this and in doing so, enrich more lives through netball. Whatever role you play in our sport, together, we can support women and girls to show up to the game without apology – and belong.

England Netball has been working with female health experts, The Well HQ, to re-write the rules and reimagine best practice around the female body’s life stages, and that’s how NETBALLHer came to be.

Navigate the knowledge

On the navigation bar above, you will find key topics such as Pelvic Health, to give women the knowledge they need to have a high performing pelvic floor; Menopause, to help women navigate their symptoms; the Menstrual Cycle, to help turn hormones into super-powers; and Bras & Kit, to find solutions for all women (big or small). Within each area you will find myth busting articles, relatable videos, and Her Latest Stories, all rooted in netball, at every level of the game.


More topics will be uploaded on to the site regularly, so be sure to check back. We encourage you to share the pages that resonate with you the most with your teammates, friends, and family and to join the Facebook community for ongoing support. The more women that join the movement, the more stories we share, the more lives we will change for the better. Together, we can make netball her game for life.